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Everything there is to know about your home in a single location

All information and communication about your home in one centralised file, always available via your smartphone.

Innobrix brings everything together.

What a beautiful, momentous time in your life – you have just bought your dream home! Time to enter into the most fun, yet most hectic stage, namely the construction of your home and the eventual move. Everything has to go as smoothly as possible, involving as few mistakes and expenses as possible, and as quickly and qualitatively sound as possible. Proper communication and having all of the relevant information are essential in all this.
Innobrix is an online home file as well as a design tool, allowing you to have all of the information regarding your home with you at all times and chat directly with your contact in the residential construction firm.

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Communicating from a single location

Log in and view the overview of all ongoing matters. Open the agenda and see on which dates decisions will need to be made, when which documents need to be filed, and which aspects the consumer has already completed. All filed documents are stored neatly. Communicate with consumers from a single centralised location using email or chat. This is how innobrix ensures a complete overview, efficient communication, clear administrative records, and the certainty that everything will always be up to date.
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All information in a single location

No more paper clutter! All relevant information and documents are stored in a clear, organised manner in a single centralised location.
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Easy communication with the consumer

Short, immediate lines of communication with consumers! Use the chat to fine-tune matters quickly and provide and obtain answers to important questions.
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Available on your smartphone

Have everything there is to know about your home available in your back pocket at all times! Download the innobrix app on your smartphone so that you can always access all information regarding your home and view it in VR & AR.