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Create attractive neighbourhoods in the blink of an eye

Quickly and easily create, visualise, and experience 3D area plans in Virtual Reality.

Innobrix as integral solution to a visual construction process.

Any vacant lot, pasture, or demolition site presents a great opportunity to create a new, attractive neighbourhood. During the exploratory stage of the construction process, it is crucial to determine what the neighbourhood will look like overall, how and where the homes will be placed, how many homes you would be able to fit in, and whether you would be complying with all applicable regulations and permit requirements.
Innobrix allows you to quickly and easily place homes and structures on your own surface layer, creating 3d area plans in a few simple steps, almost like playing with Lego. Visualising and experiencing your neighbourhood designs in Virtual Reality contributes to better, clearer communication to third parties such as permit-issuing institutions, neighbourhood initiatives, and potential buyers.

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How residential construction professionals can use our software.

You start by uploading your own surface layer, a map of the relevant area, to use as the basis for your area plan. You then place various types of homes, such as terraced, semi-detached, and fully detached homes. Choose the number of homes, change the architecture if needed, and decorate your neighbourhood. Use this method to create a number of potential plans for the neighbourhood and save these in your personal file. You will then be able to open and alter them time and time again, as well as share them with and show them to others and view them in Virtual Reality.
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Create 3D area plans with a few clicks

Working with innobrix is like using Lego; building blocks (types of homes) are used to easily build a neighbourhood without any technical expertise.
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Improve your communication

An image speaks louder than a thousand words! Visualisation in 3D and using VR will make your area plans clearer and allow parties to truly experience them.
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Integral solution for your construction process

Innobrix integrates seamlessly into your internal processes, connecting all parties involves with the construction process to ensure efficient communication.