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Innobrix’s building blocks

The foundation of innobrix consists of two main building blocks. Innobrix is a SaaS solution that uses BIM as its base. Read more.

SaaS (Software-as-a-service) solution

Innobrix is offered as an online service, meaning that you need not purchase the software; it will be available to you anywhere and at all times. Instead, you take out an annual subscription, paying a fixed annual fee based on the number of homes you use our service for. Thereby you receive innobrix’s full-service support. In short, no need to worry about maintenance, updates and back-ups. Accessible, easy to use and affordable.

Why use BIM as the basis for Innobrix?

BIM is used a great deal in the construction sector and is the first step towards digitalisation of the construction process for residential construction firms. Innobrix ensures better integration of consumers into the digital construction process by connecting consumers to internal and often highly technical processes. By using BIM as the basis, innobrix becomes an integral part of the construction process and ensure proper visualisation of projects without resulting in more work for residential construction firms.

BIM designs are transformed into interactive virtual homes

Innobrix ensures further digitalisation of your construction process by making BIM available to consumers as interactive virtual homes. Innobrix’s BIM integration allows you to upload your BIM designs, make these available to consumers, give them the opportunity to create and file their own home designs, and you can download said designs and open them as BIM files in Revit.
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Powerful customer experience

Powerful visualisation ensures not only a better customer experience, but also makes it more clearly and more insightful.
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Lowering failure costs

By further integrating BIM into your building process, a more efficient communication arises between the residential constructor and the consumer.
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Optimal building

Building faster and more, with less...... energy, costs and errors. With a high quality.