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Create and experience your dream home

Create an optimal customer experience thanks to improved communication and visualisation using Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Interactive virtual homes using Innobrix.

Once you have created your neighbourhood and filled it with various types of homes, it is time for the next stage: selling the lots and the homes located on them! This is a stage during which consumers will do a lot of orientating, considering, and deciding. What kinds of lots are available? What kinds of homes are possible? What will things look like? In short, will I be able to create my dream home, and do I want to make a purchase? This is a stage during which proper, clear communication is absolutely crucial and all options and possibilities must be absolutely clear, as consumers are making what will likely be the largest, most important purchase of their lives.
Using innobrix, consumers are able to create a 3D design of their own home, which they can then save and view in VR & AR and which will be available to residential construction professionals throughout the rest of the construction process.

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Suitable for use in multiple projects and BIM compatible.

Innobrix utilises a CMS system, allowing you to create projects matching your corporate identity, update your own types of homes, and manage all information regarding the residential project and the various lots. Moreover, the CMS system insures a link between BIM and consumers by transforming BIM designs into interactive virtual homes. Upload your BIM designs, open your residential construction project up to consumers, give them the opportunity to create and file their own home designs, approve said designs, and download the relevant files. You can then open the files in Revit and continue on to the realisation stage of your construction process.
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Further integration with BIM

Innobrix is based on BIM. By making BIM available and accessible to consumers, innobrix creates an integrated, more efficient construction process.
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In-house management and control

The CMS enables you to manage all relevant information yourself and manage several projects at once, while benefitting from innobrix’s support, hosting, maintenance and back-ups.
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Unique experience with VR & AR

Create a wow effect and visual home designs, at home, on site, or at the office, using a smartphone, tablet, or HTC Vive.