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A new era in residential construction starts now!

Innobrix is a product created by Smart2IT and contributes to the continued digitalisation of residential construction.

Seeing, feeling, experiencing, and purchasing online

These concepts are already omnipresent in many other industries, but not the residential construction sector. Technology is changing the way in which we operate and the way we see the world around us. However, arguably the largest and most important purchase any consumer makes is still largely based on lists and paper documents to this day. There is a different way – a better way! Innovative digital solutions ensure an optimised, simplified, and more fun construction process.
We believe in the power and practical application of innovative technology in the construction industry, enabling faster construction and more construction, realised with fewer errors, expenses, and energy!

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The leading online communication platform for the residential construction sector and consumers alike

What if you were able to utilise tomorrow’s technology, today, and connect the digital world to the real world, thus inspiring and sparking the imagination? Innobrix uses your BIM designs as the basis and ensures an optimised construction process while properly involving your clients. In short, BIM designs are transformed into interactive virtual homes. This way, innobrix creates an optimal, compelling ‘what you see is what you get’ customer experience that inspires people and truly makes the imagination come to life.